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The course has been designed for staff, who by virtue of their role may be required to physical intervene in a range of potentially violent situations that may culminate in an arrest or detention using restraint, including handcuffs and other physical restraint techniques, that are not routinely taught on SIA Level 2 Physical Intervention as by the nature of the restraint they are considered to be restrictive holds.


The programme has been designed to develop an ethos of safe practice and ease of application, in the use of effective Physical Intervention and Handcuff Techniques that are under-pinned by legal, medical & moral considerations.


The programme builds on the learning conducted during Conflict and Physical Intervention training, conducted during SIA Upskilling and the new Door Supervisor Course and provides staff with the knowledge and confidence of what to do and more importantly how to deal with individuals, who do not respond to communication and despite efforts still pose a threat to the personal safety of yourself or others.


All skills are based on simple yet effectively proven techniques that produce minimal potential for injury to all involved.  


Course Fee: £180 per person


Duration: 2 Days


Awarding Body: Endorsed by Highfield HABC

All techniques are taught so that the student develops a greater working knowledge of the Conflict Management and recognises the relevant signs of escalation in subject aggression. Uses appropriate communications skills in confrontational situations and understands the appropriate legislation with regards to use of force and Human Rights. They then have to demonstrate the safe, effective and application of a range of ‘reasonable’ and ‘proportionate’ physical intervention and handcuff techniques.

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