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This course aims to equip delegates to deal with the search of people, vehicles, area's and how to plan and execute the plan. It is a mainly practical course, which requires active involvement from all delegates. A high emphasis is placed on Health & Safety from both a legislative point of view and of the delegates own safety during the course.


The aim of the course is to enable the individual to deal with searching a person, vehicles, area's and the use of hand held metal detectors.  To instruct & equip delegates in the art of search techniques to enable them to search for an array of different items, and how to deal with illegal finds. Delegates will gain an appreciation of offensive and defensive search procedures, what can be realistically achieved by these methods and when to employ them. They will be able to identify and select the most cost effective training package to meet the needs of the organisation.


Some of the course objectives are as follows:


Learn to work as an individual and within a search team.

Discuss the legal implications on searching a person.

Learn Health & Safety Implications.

State the reasons for searching premises.

State the importance of obtaining permission to search.

Show knowledge of systematic, methodical techniques allowing effective searches of buildings, venues, vehicles, and people.

Define an 'offensive weapon'.

Preservation of evidence.

How to apply basic search planning.

The actions to take in the event of a suspect device being found.

The use of hand held metal detectors.

The training elements would consist of systematic and methodical search procedures on persons, and areas', to include the use of hand held metal detectors. It would also include evidence preservation, and the importu-nacy of procedures for dealing with cultural differences and diversity needs. A period of time would be spent on the law and litigation.

Course Fee: Contact us for Details

Duration: Dependant On Requirements

Search Training Elements:


Systematic and methodical search procedures on:


The law and litigation.

The searching of persons (rub down).

The searching of bags.

How to identify a weapon.

The use of hand held metal detectors.

Evidence preservation.

The importunacy of procedures for dealing with cultural differences and diversity needs.


Course Prices

Course fees include the provision of the instructor together with all necessary equipment to facilitate the course.  


On-Site Training

On-site training means you can choose the times during which courses are conducted to suit your organisation’s requirements.  The course can also be delivered over the weekend.  Contact us to discuss your requirements.  

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