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Ross Brodie, Project Director of Avant Homes

Since engaging the services of Aurora Training and Security Solutions on our large Heritage site in Sleaford we have been very impressed with the impact they have made on security and Health and Safety issues on the site. The team have been very pro active in looking at ways of improving security both with physical changes and looking for innovative ways of increasing activity on site to discourage trespass. Reporting on activity on site as well as suggestions for improvements has been very good with the service being both personal and efficient.


Dan Dilks, Director 3e Global Ltd. (Oct 17)

I began to use the Services of Aurora Security some 9 months ago.  I am very impressed in their professional approach to the task I have set them.  They set a professional standard that is both impressive and sets them above some so called 'National Companies'.  There Hi Visabilty patrols and the use of Dogs has helped ensure our business premises are well protected.



Comments from a recent Door Supervisor Course

"Personally found the course flawless."


"I have found this course very useful, thank you."


"I found this course to be very interesting, it helped that the instructor had indepth knowledge on the course he was training."


Morghana Sillett, Candidate

"I attended a course run by Aurora and i cannot recommend them highly enough. I'll admit i was terrified but Simon and his team made me feel welcome and relaxed. I will be attending more courses run by them in the future. Thankyou to all."



HAT EFA ds testimonial

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City of Lincoln Council - Conflict Resolution & Personal Safety Course


"Personally, I don't think the course could be improved anymore, I enjoyed it, learn't from it and think it was very well thought out and presented well."  


"I would recommend this course, I think the skills you learn are vital to a customer facing role."


"I thoroughly enjoyed this course and I'd be happy to recommend it to anyone."


"I found the course really interesting and the self defence techniques really good although I hope I won't have to use them in the workplace,  I think if I were challenged out of work I might attempt to defend myself."


John Woodward - Door Supervisor Student (Jun 15)

I just wanted to say that I think the course you run is amazing. My expectations were low before the course as I am not the easiest person to teach, but I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.  There was a perfect balance of humour and seriousness in the training and you help people realise their true potentail.  


Tracy Sheldon, Candidate

"Thanks to a great trainer, something i was dreading turned into a pleasant experience, i can thoughly recommend their SIA training course, it was delivered in a very though manner, with patience and understanding and increased my knowledge a hundred fold a very enjoyable 3 days, Thankyou"


Tony Madden, Candidate

"Half way through our Door Supervisors course with Aurora. Professional company with an enjoyable and fun approach. Learnt alot about the private security sector. Looking forward to next weekend and doing further courses."